handcrafted iconset for your next project

We created Zwicon to support our work at zwoelf as a fast and easy to use library of icons. Then we thought it would be awesome to share it with you!

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566 icons in 26 categories

Designed on a 24px grid so it works hand-in-hand with 8pt Grid System. Our design principle is deadly simple: 1px line weight, 2px corner radius and rounded line caps.

the purpose behind

Zwicon is based on our UX / UI designers needs so that makes it a solid fit for projects of any kind. We're planning to update the gallery as we work and facing issues and missing pieces.

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all the files you need

Zwicon comes with Sketch, InVision Studio and Figma library. We paid special attention to categorized naming so you can easily browse and override your components. We also provide:

.svg .jpg .png .pdf .iconjar

developers out there_

We didn’t want to go hard on your nerves so we cleaned up the .svg code as much as we could to save up some time for you.

<i class="zwicon-cardboard-vr"></i>
<i class="zwicon-headphone"></i>
<i class="zwicon-prototype"></i>
<i class="zwicon-apple-watch-time"></i>
<i class="zwicon-bell-snooze"></i>
<i class="zwicon-deploy"></i>

< webfont ready >

Ready to use in your next project. First, install the CSS, have fun in our cheatsheet then call out your icons of choice.

on the horizon

We know fellow designers are using different softwares and tools to create so we’re working hard to provide:

Axure RP Adobe XD Desktop font

Do you have any questions or suggestions?
We are open to hear your thoughts about our collection!